Ecuador UB 06

The group of doctors from Ecuador that we received in our factory, attended yesterday Thursday the 27th the Course "Immediate Loading - Rehabilitation protocols and main complications" carried out by Dr. Alba Sánchez Torres at the Dental Hospital of the University of Barcelona.


Visita Colombia Oct22 27

Yesterday we received a group of doctors from Colombia accompanied by Dr. Luz Aida Rivera, director of our subsidiary GMI Colombia.

It was a pleasure to be able to show them the entire laborious manufacturing process of our implants and attachments, going through the different departments, thus seeing each stage of the process.



Curso Guiada Casablanca 01

Last Saturday, 15th took place a GMI course on Guided Surgery  in Casablanca, conducted by Dr. Vicente Ferrer (president of the GMI Scientific Committee).

During one day in this theoretical-practical workshop, the planning and preparation of guided splints was deepened.

Doctors from the city of Rabat and Casablanca were present.

Great day where we could see the great interest in guided surgery.