Bovine origin cancellous substitute

  • Maximum angiogenic capacity.
  • Greater rapidity in bone formation.
  • Higher mass volume per gram.

Multiporosity Structure

Made from 100% cancellous bone without any cortical portion.

Our pulverizing technique allows multiporous structure, maximizing blood vessel ingrowth.

  • Maximizes blood vessel ingrowth.
  • Higher volume per gram of product.


Octacalcium Phosphate Crystal

Pre HA structure, octacalcium phosphate crystal is found on the surface

of Iceberg·oss, resulting in fast bone formation.

  • Faster new bone formation.

Octacalcium 1  SEM image x 10.000  

Octacalcium 2  SEM image x 50.000

Osteoconductive Surface

Low temperature processing technique allows ideal, natural surface topography,

the same as human bone, stimulating osteoblast activity.

Vitrification phenomenon caused by high temperature process has been completely controlled.

  • Increases osteoconductivity.
  • Stimulates osteogenic activity of osteoblasts.
  • Faster new bone formation.

Osteoconductive  SEM image x 3.000

Pore size and volume per gram

Average Iceberg·oss pore size is more than three times of other world leading product.

Comparatively, unique 100% multiporous cancellous nature offers higher quantitative

mass volume per gram unit. This leads to less material cost.

  • Helps osteogenic cells and blood vessel migration.
  • Faster new bone formation. 

Pore-Size 1  Iceberg·oss SEM image x 100

Pore-Size 2  A Co. SEM image x 100

Iceberg·oss in block

This innovative manufacturing technique allows rapid absorption of blood or saline into the block,

allowing ingrowth of blood vessel and osteoblasts. Stabilization of block is easily achieved by carving

with surgical blade and adaptation in the patient mouth. Titanium screw or PRP fixation is possible.

  • Helps to new bone formation.

Bloque 2

Iceberg·oss - The most complete range

Iceberg·oss box


Iceberg·oss Syringe box


Iceberg·oss Block box