ISO France Jun23 01

Today, Friday the 23rd June, GMI France is present at the Conference on Peri-implantitis organized by the ISO (Implantologie du Sud Ouest).
The conference is carried out by Mr. Alberto Monje.


15 Equipo GMI Peru

Great week of work for our CEO Mr. José Luis Manglano in Peru visiting our subsidiary, different clinics and the Spanish embassy in Lima, accompanied by the director of the subsidiary Mrs. Tanya Castro:
- Dr. José Gaona. Clínica Dental Class.
- Dr. Alex Veliz
- Dres. Heidi Chávez y Gianmarco González. Clínica 980
- Dr. Pacheco. Clínica Dorthon
- Dr. Mharlov Cornejo. Clínica Cornejo’s Dental
- Dr. Andrés de la Fuente
- Dr. Miguel Lau
- Dr. Omar Medina. Clínica Dental Team
- Dr. Gianfranco Grados. Clínica Dental Grado
- Dr. Rolando Ganoza. Clínica Allium
- Dr. Alan Fernández
- Dr. Edinson Diaz. Clínica Implant Odont
- Dr. Juan Carlos Astonitas


Evento UCAM Maroc Jun23 03

On June 15, 16 and 17, GMI Maroc was present at the event organized by the Postgraduate in Dentistry UCAM held in Casablanca.
For the first time, Postgraduate in Dentistry transfers this scientific meeting to the Arab country, where it has a wide range of training among which those related to such important areas as oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics or oral rehabilitation and implantology stand out.
The city of Casablanca was the meeting point for speakers and professionals who attended these scientific conferences, where 5 pre-congress courses, 15 conferences and 5 workshops led by top-level dental professionals were held.