Frontier guided surgery

gmi frontier guided surgery consists of an autoclavable case made of high strength resin, containing all the necessary material for performing totally guided surgeries with gmi frontier implants of ø3.30 / ø3.75 / ø4.25 / ø4.75 mm and lengths between 8 and 15 mm.

There are 2 versions of the same kit:

- Complete kit (KYC0F3046)

- Junior kit (KYC0F3015): to perform guided surgeries with gmi frontier implants of ø3.30 / ø3.75 and ø4.25 mm and lengths between 8 and 13 mm.

  • Case made of high thermal and impact strength engineering resin.
  • Security lid locking avoiding accidental opening.
  • Inner supports made of high quality silicon.
  • Lid that allows maintaining the inner tray inclined making easy the access to the instruments.
  • Removable inner tray with legs to make easier the manipulation.
  • Clear and natural components distribution.

Cirugia guiada completo Frontier EN

Cirugia guiada junior Frontier EN

1. Cleaning – Removal of organic material should be performed in an ultrasound basin starting at 24.000 Hz, using enzyme soap (at least 3 enzymes) at the dilution recommended by the manufacturer. Wash with running water and perform a visual check to detect the presence of waste. If positive, repeat the process and should it persist, eliminate by mechanical cleaning. The sterilizations boxes must be cleaned before each use.

2. Conditioning for sterilization – Condition the product on a surgical grade compatible size paper envelope.

3. Moist heat sterilization – shall be conducted in an autoclave without exceeding the maximum values set: 134ºC, 20 minutes, 2.2 bar. Warning – For the sterilization procedure, carefully follow the recommendations in the instruction manual of the autoclave manufacturer.

4. Product life – The useful life of the box will depend on the treatment received during its use.

5. Important notes:

  • GMI surgical kits are not supplied in sterile condition and then the user must provide for sterilization before use. Exclusive model for autoclave sterilizing.
  • Clean and sterilize before use.
  • Do not sterilize in an oven as this can cause the box to lose its shape or melt.
  • Avoid the box coming into contact with chemical products as they could cause cracking, staining or general degradation of the product.
  • Carefully follow the guidelines given in the instruction manual of the autoclave manufacturer.


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