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The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of A Coruña (UDC) with the collaboration of the A Coruña Institute of Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation (ICIRO) organizes the Academic Program "University Expert in Advanced Oral Implantology and Digital Rehabilitation".

This Specialization course, adapted to the European Higher Education Area (Bologna plan), is accredited with 15 ECTS. During it, emphasis will be placed on general and specific theoretical training of each thematic branch with theoretical lecture cycles and preclinical practical workshops.

It is aimed at dentists or stomatologists who want to start in Digital Implantology and its Rehabilitation, as well as for experienced professionals who seek to perfect regenerative techniques related to Implantology.


- Diagnosis and planning of clinical cases to be rehabilitated with implants.

- Know anatomy, biology and behavior of oral structures to address clinical cases.

- Train in regenerative techniques for both hard and soft tissues in Implantology.

- To know the prosthodontic and rehabilitative bases as success in the treatments with dental implants.

- Obtain analog and digital knowledge of all the points mentioned above.

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