Titanium base

Once the mucosal tunnel has been formed by the healing abutment and after removing the cap from this location, it is appropriate to use the titanium base, which is defined as the machined tapered attachment that, after being fixed with the clinic screw to the top of the implant, acts as a support for a metallic or ceramic meso-structure casted or machined with CAD/CAM.

Key featuresBaseTitanio

  • Grade V titanium machining as per ISO-5832 standard.
  • Non-rotary version.
  • Clinic screw included.
  • Available in emergency height of 1.50 mm.
  • Non-rotary titanium base with indexation.
  • Screw tightening torque: 25 N·cm.
  • Scan directly on Titanium base or alternative scan on Scan abutment.
  • Scan body, for laboratory use only.

Connection Avantgard EN

Titanium base AvantgardPEAK

Características principales:
  • Tornillos clínica mecanizados en titanio grado V según norma ISO 5832
  • Apriete con llave hexagonal de e/c 1,20mm
  • Mecha apical para facilitar el inicio de roscado

transp Hex. llave transp Rosca transp Referencia transp
  1,20   M1,80 x 0,35   KDT 0C 3001  

Castable TiBase AvantgardPEAK

Scanabutment AvantgardPEAK

Scanbody RP AvantPEAK EN

Scanbody TI RP AvantPEAK EN