Bicomponent skin adhesive for healing of oral surgical injuries


  • Effective: Fast wound closure, optimal aesthetic results, prevention of infection risk, reduction of trauma and inflammation. (Also in patients with congenital coagulopathies).
  • Reliable and innovative: The two monomers (NBCA+OCA) confer high tensile strength and better elasticity. 45ºC lower polymerization temperature than other skin adhesives (80-90ºC).
  • Safe: No tissue necrosis thanks to the low polymerization temperature, tissue compatibility, waterproof and breathable antimicrobial barrier.
  • Simple: Ready for use. Plain application.
  • Precise: The product flow, the ergonomics of the ampoule and the express applicator tip allow a controlled apllication even in areas of difficult treatment.
  • Comfortable: Painless, transparent and waterproof. No medication. Spontaneous release 5-8 days after application. Indicated in children and non-collaborating patients.
  • Economic benefits: No product waste. Unnecessary control visits. No anesthesia.


Indicated for the closure of surgical injuries in the case of interventions in dental implantology, maxillofacial and oral surgery. It can also be applied to lesions of the oral mucosa caused by trauma or surgical incisions.